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Here's How It Works

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YBN AI Target Leads uses

Ai Technology to monitor

search traffic across the entire internet.

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It's goal is to identify high intent consumers looing for sellers based on their search behaviors. Once it spots someone searching for one of your chosen keyword phrases, it alerts the central hub and puts this searcher on its radar.

Now we follow them to see what they do next. Once they consume two pieces of relevant content, our proprietary AI system flags them as a high buyer intent lead.

Once qualified, we buy their contact information from the industry's most reputable big data source. This ensures they have opted in and agreed to receive internet communications from advertising partners.

We also scrub for bogus emails to ensure they are 99% deliverable. Only then, will we send this to you in real time.You receive their name, email, and in most cases you get their physical address and phone numbers. You also get the keywords they searched for. This has two big benefits.

Now you can start an email campaign directly in regard to exactly what they want, while they are actively searching. This is far more effective than playing charades and trying to figure out what they want.

But this is only half the battle. Now it is up to you to follow up and time is of the essence. If you contact them tomorrow or even later today, they may have shifted their thoughts to something else or, even worse, they've already contacted your competitor.

We easily integrate into any CRM system. If you don't have one, we can provide you with a robust follow-up CRM system that is called YBN-CRM that nurtures and turns those leads into qualified prospects for you to seal the deal.

This puts you at the right place at the right time. You'll have the best chance at capturing their attention and converting them into a buyer or seller.

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Are you ready to dominate your market?

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Say goodbye to the slow, uncertain world of expensive and ineffective lead generation systems and advertising. We are here to revolutionize the way you acquire clients.

YBN AI Leads is the central hub for your business.
We monitor search activity for home buyers across the internet.

These are not just any prospects, they're
perfect leads at the peak of their home search.

It's like having a magical crystal ball predicting your next clients.
Your competitors won't stand a chance once you're on board. You decide how much of the market you want to capture.

The only question is, how many do you want today?

You have complete control.

Turn the flow on and off in a snap.

Welcome to the future of Lead Generation.

So Here's What you Get...

Offers 3 Packages of Leads

How YBN Ai Target Leads Work?

This is where we monitor the Internet for prospects searching for what you offer. Once we identify an initial search, we monitor their online activities for buyer intent. Once they consume 2 pieces of relevant content, we flag them as a potential buyer lead and deliver you their contact info in real time.

Starting @ $19.99 Per Lead

YBN Ai Target Leads

is offered in 3 Packages

50 Leads


Take control of your Leads .

Starting @ $19.99/lead

Beta promo = 40% off

* Promo Code ybnbeta

250 Leads


Teams can Leverage.

Starting @ $16.99/lead

Beta promo = 40% off

* Promo Code ybnbeta

500 Leads


Agencies can use leads to recruit

Starting @ $14.99/lead

Beta promo = 40% off

* Promo Code ybnbeta

Because leads fall through the cracks

WHY YBN AI Target Leads?

Light-Speed Results:

No more waiting or uncertainty. Leads arrive instantly.

Budget Bliss:

Stop burning your budget on ads, clicks, SEO and Scammers. Pay only for qualified leads.

Control Empowerment:

Manage lead flow with unmatched precision.
Adjust your lead flow as you need it. You control the amount of leads per day. Turn it on and off.

Site or Search:

Search AI to target active internet search prospects with high buyer intent.

If That Isn't Enough!

YBN AI Target Leads helps you
acquire high-quality leads instantly, reducing the time and effort required.

YBN AI Target Leads saves you money. Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising and marketing efforts.

YBN AI Target Leads gives you the competitive advantage of being among the first to leverage this groundbreaking AI technology to capture potential clients at the peak of their interest.

YBN AI Target Leads can give you the competitive advantage of being among the first to leverage this groundbreaking AI technology to capture potential clients at the peak of their interest.

YBN AI Target Leads allows brokers and teams to expand their service offerings and generate additional revenue by providing high-quality buyer leads.

YBN AI Target Leads offers unparalleled scalability, allowing brokers and teams to manage unlimited agent accounts with ease.

Prepare to rewrite the rules of lead generation. YBN AI Target Leads, you're not just staying ahead of the competition; you're accelerating your path with a head start that's downright unfair.

Breaking Barriers:

This is not just another lead generation tool; it's a revolutionary leap forward. We're talking about technology so powerful, it's like being the first to harness the internet itself.

Your Unfair Advantage:

Imagine being the leader in your industry, equipped with AI that provides instant access to anyone actively seeking what you offer, exactly when they want it. It's not just lead generation; it's total market domination.

Join the elite few who recognize YBN AI Target Leads is the game-changer of the century.

If you're not on board, you're missing out. Act now, and take your business to unprecedented heights. This is your moment to make history.

About YBN & Jacques Skuteeki

Jacques, a thriving entrepreneur, and founder of the digital marketing concept 12 step cashflow CRM. His company Your Business Nation has a strong presence in the retail market offering premium services for google business profile, he is the author of the book "Drive to Success" an Amazon best -seller and currently holding regular webinar across 24 cities in the U.S.

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These leads give me the ability to to better resonate with the right audience because I know what they are looking for..

I got a 30% conversion to new customers all because I changed my message using this program

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Dean Cain


Matthew Woodward

Award winning business & Internet Marketing Expert

Chris McLean

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